This is something unique. In the mansion exchange of women who enter and all blonde. When the loss of one’s date, coming two younger model instead.

Hef may be confused when he saw the twins again. He may think Crystal Harris returned with the copies, blinked several times, and it turns out Hef realizes that the girl’s twin is a girl who never dipacarinya in 2008.

Before Karissa back to the old man’s arms, she broke with her ​​boyfriend that she was dating for almost a year, actor Smallville, Sam Jones. Just imagine, Karissa chose 85-year-old man than the man who was her equal.

As reported by Hollyscoop wrote on Monday (6/20/2011), Karissa and Sam Jones had recorded a sex scene and had them sing the rap song together titled Juice & Vodka, the newly released last week.

Because a sex tape and music careers the twins did not gain success, they finally decided to return to the Playboy Mansion